Presentation Skills

Are your people prepared to deliver great presentations? Edelman has created a new Presentation Skills Training program for 2011. Most business people need to give presentations, but many are unprepared and uncomfortable, resulting in poor quality results. The Edelman program coaches participants through the process of designing and delivering powerful presentations. We help our clients understand how to structure their presentations for maximum impact. We show them the latest presentation techniques, including understanding and connecting with their audience. We coach them on delivery and body language. We conclude with the participants delivering a “live” presentation.

Our programs for full and half-day workshops are designed as below;
Structuring your presentation
Understanding your audience
Different presentation environments
Delivery techniques that connect
Posture and body language
Presentation content: Less words, more visuals
What the audience must remember
What to do: One day, one hour before the presentation
Full individual critique and report
Experience: Employee presentation
Experience: New client presentation
Experience: Industry group presentation